UFC GYM Nottingham – Membership T&Cs

Location: 157 Huntingdon St, Nottingham NG1 3NL
Email: nottingham@ufcgym.co.uk, OR nottinghamGM@ufcgym.co.uk

The below terms and conditions apply to ALL members, both adult and child memberships linked to other membership accounts.  This includes family accounts and any available concession memberships given including but not limited to, OAP, NHS, and Student.

We are committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all our members. The listed Terms and Conditions are in place to ensure that we – UFC GYM Nottingham - are committed to providing a high standard of service for you – our member.



Memberships may be for:

  1. Ultimate – available for all facilities, all available classes and amenities listed.
  2. Fitness – available only for gymnasium facilities, set classes and amenities.

You are entitled and able to use the facilities, classes and amenities available under your specified membership category, with further information available both online, www.ufcgym.co.uk/nottingham and from a member of staff. This includes a class timetable, personal trainer information and opening hours, where available.

Memberships are personal and non-transferable and membership fees may be payable either monthly or annually via the web-site, www.ufcgym.co.uk/nottingham

Payments are to be made by direct debits and they are due on each month save for the commencement of membership when there will be a pro-rata payment to the first month end. There are options available online to set the collection date, once a month, every month dependent on membership term and length, via www.ufcgym.co.uk/nottingham

Joining fees.  In addition to any monthly payments there will be a joining fee.

Cooling Off Period: All members have the right to a cooling off period where they may wish to terminate their membership. This can be done automatically within the first 14 days and a full refund will be made, dependent on the use of a membership, i.e. less the number of classes taken within these 14 days.  After the first 14 days, for monthly members, a cancellation may be made at any time and will be treated as given on the last day of that month when the notice was given. The fees then due for the next full month will still be payable for that month following the month when the giving of notice was made.

Refunds.  For members who pay annually either on monthly direct debits or in one full amount they will normally have to pay the full cost of the contract if they wish to cancel their membership early. For example, if the member cancels a one-year membership contract after 6 months, they usually must pay for the remaining 6 months.

Cancellations.  If a cancellation is due to ill health a member must provide medical evidence of the condition and any cancellation and refund of subscription may then be implemented with effect from the end of the month following the date when the cancellation took effect on the provision of the medical evidence.  The same policy applies if the notice of cancellation follows from to an unforeseen change of circumstances such as a loss of employment or other event which prevents the member from attending.  This will be calculated per use, at a pro rata refund rate, if applicable.



Accidents: If you suffer any accident or injury on our premises, it must be reported immediately with the circumstances under which it happened. This should be reported to any on duty member of staff, or directly to any senior member of staff on duty.

Complaints:  Here at UFC GYM Nottingham, we welcome our members feedback. If you, the member, are unsatisfied by our offering or level or service, we’d like to know as soon as possible so we can investigate and resolve any issues. This should be directed to a member of staff within UFC GYM Nottingham, who will then contact the manager to discuss. If you are still unsatisfied with the manager’s response, you have the right to contact the area or regional manager to discuss further

Disabilities: if you have a disability that requires aid within our facilities, you can bring in an assistant or guest, who must be signed on each and every time. There will be no associated fee for this, however your guest or assistant may only use our facilities to assist you.

Liability [1]: We at UFC GYM Nottingham, do not accept liability for any and all damage or loss to member’s property or a guest’s property which may happen on the grounds, premises, location of UFC GYM Nottingham, other than the liability which arises from our negligence or our failure to take reasonable care.

Liability [2]: We at UFC GYM Nottingham, do not accept liability for the injury or death of any member or guest which may happen on the grounds, premises, location of UFC GYM Nottingham, other than the liability which arises from our negligence or our failure to take reasonable care.

Miscellaneous: There is a Code of Conduct by which all members must abide by. Upon initial visit to UFC GYM Nottingham, the terms of our Code of Conduct will be communicated with each and every member, where appropriate (age dependent, i.e. children).  This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. No smoking is permitted in any area of our facility.
  2. Appropriate footwear and dress must always be worn.
  3. No vulgar language, inappropriate behaviour or threatening actions are permitted against members and staff, and we retain the right to cancel memberships if necessary.

Suspension of Membership.  If an annual member fails to pay any amounts due by way of a membership subscription by the due date(s) the member will automatically be suspended and barred from admission until any arrears have been paid.   If the failure continues for more than 30 days, the membership may be terminated, and a new joining fee would then be necessary on re-admission.  If due to temporary ill health, pregnancy or other a member wishes to suspend their membership then, on request, that membership and any monthly payments may be suspended for up to 3 months starting from the next full month provided that any such suspension request is reasonable.

Termination. At UFC GYM Nottingham, we will not tolerate any abusive or intimidating behaviour to either staff or members and have the right to ban and cancel memberships.   If in exceptional circumstances if it has been necessary by the club to terminate a membership for reasons such as a breach of the rules, then the club may retain any subscriptions due or paid to the nearest month end. This also applies to location specific club rules regarding access cards or entry systems, where you give permission to another individual to use your membership to gain access to our facility. Additionally, if there is a breach within the membership agreement, we reserve the right to cancel memberships, if no corrective action is taken by the member.


We will disclose your personal data to our service providers, including Glofox, wich supplies our cloud business management platform and booking apps. Glofox is also subject to certain obligations with regard to the security of your personal data processed via the booking app.

UFC GYM Nottingham is registered as TD Lifestyle 1802, company registered address: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ, company number: 11663592.


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