Why UFC GYM Nottingham is the Ultimate training facility for everyone

UFC Nottingham

With successful franchises in Australia, North America, the United Arab Emirates and many more international locations, UFC Gym is now developing its presence across the United Kingdom, with Nottingham serving as the inaugural location of the new expansion.

UFC GYM Nottingham provides the European fitness market with its first taste of what UFC GYM has to offer, a revolutionary fitness and training environment which fuses the best elements of mixed martial arts and traditional fitness to create a family friendly training hub.

As a ground-breaking new health and fitness brand in Europe, fitness goers in the UK may be unsure about what exactly UFC GYM has to offer. Of course, the UFC brand has become synonymous with elite level combat sports but is UFC GYM just for fighters and mixed martial artists? The answer is a resounding, no!

UFC GYM is the ultimate training facility for everyone.

Furthermore, Head of Operations for UFC GYM, George Yiasemides explains the inclusive ethos behind UFC GYM and the importance of having signature locations like UFC GYM Nottingham to promote and assist people with their fitness.

“It’s revolutionising the way people train, it’s making them not just think differently about it, but they can approach it and train differently,” George told ufcgym.co.uk.

“We’re advocates of getting as many people as possible active, we’re advocates of inspiring the next generation that’s coming through and creating these habits of activity so that people lead a healthier life. “There’s a lot of ways to do it, it may be through martial arts, it may just simply be through being involved in a class, this is why we’ve come up with a concept which caters to so many different people versus a concept which only caters to a niche market.”

With a contemporary architectural design and an expansive team of internationally accredited coaches, UFC GYM Nottingham brings a wide range of training programs for all ages and athletic abilities. Whether you have interest in general fitness, group fitness, personal training or mixed martial arts, there’s something for everyone at UFC GYM.

It’s that variety of choice which makes UFC GYM Nottingham appealing to such a wide range of gym users. Whether it’s programs such as Daily Ultimate Training ® or martial arts classes such as MMA, Boxing or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, there is an avid selection of workouts to be chosen from, all of which are led by highly qualified instructors who serve as the core element of UFC GYM authenticity.

In fact, anyone who joins UFC GYM Nottingham will witness first-hand the level of support which goes into each member. After an initial evaluation from one of our amazing staff members, UFC GYM coaches are able to build goal orientated programs for every individual who walks through the door, creating a fit for purpose and diverse training experience unmatched by any other gym. Decked out with its own soft turf area, octagon, free weights section and cryotherapy unit – not the mention the epic Arm Bar Café at the heart of the gym – there really is no doubt that the UFC GYM Nottingham experience is truly fit for everyone.

UFC GYM Nottingham offers a variety of different joining options, including Ultimate Membership or Fitness Membership with ‘a fully refundable 14-day guarantee’, as George Yiasemides puts it, in order to help people make their decision.

Enquire now for your free consultation and become a founding member of UFC GYM!


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