What is Class UFC Gym Woking?

In spite of our best intentions, sometimes it can be extremely difficult to fit regular exercise into our overly demanding lives.

This could be down to work and family commitments or even a lack of confidence. A sense of disenfranchisement with gyms is not too uncommon either, as negative experiences serve as one of the biggest determiners for an individual's fitness alienation. 

A lack of guidance or encouragement at the gym can quickly turn your good intentions into an array of confusion and depletion. This is what the revolutionary new boutique concept, CLASS UFC GYM UK looks to combat with its engaging twist on traditional boxing and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes. 

Our CLASS UFC GYM instructors – all of whom are CLASS UFC GYM certified – will put you through your paces, with a variety of rewarding exercises that range from heart-pumping bag work to rapid-fire circuit training.

Is it a time issue?

With the strenuous demands of everyday life, it can be hard to find a moment’s solace, let alone enough time to visit the gym. This is why CLASS UFC GYM Woking focuses on engaging members through fast-paced 50-minute workouts. 

Get physical before work, after the school run or once the sun goes down. CLASS UFC GYM provides plenty of opportunities throughout the day to accommodate your schedule and help you to achieve your fitness goals. Work smarter, not harder. 

Is it a confidence issue?

Inside CLASS UFC GYM Woking, beautifully inspiring words are scattered across the room. “Great things never came from comfort zones,” one poster exclaims and that’s exactly the ethos needed in order to find fulfillment in CLASS UFC GYM UK.

CLASS UFC GYM Woking prides itself on its friendly and welcoming environment. For many participating in a class, their first session can be the most daunting. This is why our CLASS UFC GYM coaches are here to motivate, encourage and support you all the way. 

Struggling with an exercise?

Then ask the instructor to modify the workout to better suit your skill and fitness level. We are happy to accommodate everyone. 

If you have fallen out of love with fitness, CLASS UFC GYM Woking brings a chance to reinvigorate your passion through a wide range of dynamic workouts.

What are you waiting for?

Join CLASS UFC GYM Woking now https://classufcgym.co.uk/packages


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