UFC GYM is ready for its expansion across the UK & Ireland through franchising and to inspire communities to engage in fitness in a unique training atmosphere. There is no question that UFC GYM is THE ultimate franchising opportunity not to be missed.

UFC GYM Lead Franchise Consultant Jim Johnstone, who is working with Accentia Franchise Consultants, has spent 20+ years working with franchisors to effectively increase their portfolios, including international brands Dominoes and Burger King. Now, Johnstone is bringing his experience to UFC GYM to help recruit franchisees. Accentia are the UK’s leading Franchise Consultancy with offices across the UK & Ireland as well an international presence in the UAE. 

The global success of UFC GYM has led to an unrivalled opportunity for franchisees to invest in a huge global brand, explains Johnstone.  He believes the UFC brand's prodigious strength will attract great interest from potential franchisees.

"UFC GYM mirrors the start-up of other major brands, starting small and growing globally," Johnstone said. This is an opportunity to invest in a massive global brand that has demonstrated success worldwide and is now starting its franchising journey in the UK.


In 2017, an experienced team was bought together by former UFC Middleweight champion Michael Bisping to sign an exclusive deal to develop the UK and Ireland's international brand.

UFC GYM has done a remarkable job of carving out its own space in the fitness market through its 'Train Different' philosophy to make the gym experience welcoming of all, regardless of age, gender, or skill level.

It is the compelling proposition put forward by UFC GYM, bolstered by the popularity of the UFC brand, which Johnstone feels makes the opportunity such an excellent proposal to franchisees.

He explained: "One of the biggest selling points is brand recognition. You are not starting from scratch; you have the support and the 25-year heritage of one of the biggest sports brands in the world, which is already a household name."

"That's the difference with UFC GYM. Your workout is in a great environment with high spec equipment. You have the opportunity to train with some of the best coaches, and I think that is very different from what other fitness club operators offer," added Johnstone.

UFC GYM not only combines combat and fitness but, in addition to membership revenues, has other multiple revenue opportunities, including a Recovery area with Cryotherapy, an Arm Bar Café, a retail store and more.  


As the United Kingdom prepares to transition from its third national lockdown, Johnstone agrees that environments like UFC GYM are critical to support people's physical and mental health. 

It is a huge opportunity to help both mental and physical health. People go to the gym to socialise and to have that engagement, to participate in a fitness community with like-minded individuals. Regardless of their goals, UFC GYM UK aims to create a supportive and welcoming environment for the whole family. 


UFC GYM corporately owned locations in the UK offer a compelling statement behind the fitness brand's commercial viability. Johnstone believes trust in UFC GYM will empower smart franchisees to create their own UFC GYM UK portfolios.

It is not just the diversification of UFC GYM UK's offering, making its franchising prospects so exciting. The brand has invested in its initial locations to test systems, programmes, and training methods. Fitness club operations have been before being released to the broader network, a level of security which Johnstone believes potential franchisees will massively benefit from.

To enquire about UFC GYM UK franchising opportunities, register online from today – www.ufcgym.co.uk/franchise.


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