With UFC GYM UK opening the first core location, UFC GYM Nottingham on 01.10.19, we explore the MMA and Group Exercise timetable with General Manager, Martin Ward.

MMA & Group Exercise UFC GYM Nottingham

UFC GYM Nottingham General Manager, Martin Ward, opens up about the club’s timetable and the vast research which has gone into creating a structure which caters to everyone’s needs.

With more than 20 years’ experience in leisure and fitness, Ward has the pleasure of managing the new state-of-the-art complex in Nottingham. It’s an opportunity which comes with huge pressure, considering the statement which UFC GYM is looking to make in the health and fitness market, but it’s certainly something which Ward is well qualified for. 

Not only does he have an abundance of experience managing operations with multiple major gym franchises, but Ward’s most recent position – Country Manager for UFC GYM Bahrain – makes him the perfect candidate to oversee such a crucial expansion. 

This is months and months of research,” Ward told, explaining the intricacies of the UFC GYM Nottingham timetable. “[From] looking at competition, looking at questionnaires for members and potential outreach from our team to find out their needs, their availability, their class preferences etc.

No doubt, considering the diverse needs of an entire family is difficult. In fact, a considerable amount of flexibility is required in order to accommodate such a variety of age groups and schedules. UFC GYM Nottingham opens at 5:00 am, and as Martin explains, allows those who have early commitments such as work or school to get their day off to the right start.   

The morning session gives members the opportunity to engage with a boxing class or even a Daily Ultimate Training session. It may be fast-paced – in order to maximise the time of individuals before they go on about their day – but it’s certainly fulfilling.  There are lunchtime and afternoon classes too, with an impressive starting point of 80 classes to be delivered a week by accredited UFC GYM coaches and highly specialised Group Exercise instructors.

It’s the evening session, however, which truly captures the eclectic engagement which UFC GYM UK prides itself on, running classes for adults and children. Whether it’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) for kids or an MMA class for adults, UFC GYM Nottingham celebrates and champions fitness across all demographics. 

The whole place after 6:30 pm erupts,” Martin said proudly when discussing the bustling flow of an evening at UFC GYM Nottingham. “We now have all of our consecutive classes coinciding with each other. For the next three hours, yes, we are going to be inundated but we are going to have the availability, space and the drive. The atmosphere is going to be huge and this is why it’s so exciting. That is catered for what members want and what we are aiming to deliver for them.” 

It's not just the weekdays where UFC GYM Nottingham excels in its approach to stimulate the whole family. The weekend is equally as important when it comes to physical activity, and this is why Martin believes in creating an environment fit for all.

We have four different classes running on Saturday morning, including the children, and there will be gradings happening as well and that will be a day you will look forward to,” Martin added. “We focus on family and their time together, you come together, you make one trip, then once you’ve enjoyed the day of energising your mind, your bodies and your souls, you can go out and enjoy each other’s company.”

A jam-packed schedule awaits members at UFC GYM Nottingham. Enquire now to become a founding member of UFC GYM Nottingham!



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