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Following the launch of the first UFC GYM UK location, UFC GYM Nottingham General Manager, Martin Ward, opens up about the importance of selecting the right coaches to propel the brand forward

UFC GYM Nottingham officially opened on October 1st 2019, a historical landmark for the brand in its European expansion. This follows on from the unveiling of the inaugural CLASS UFC GYM UK in Woking, which opened its doors to the public early in September 2019. 

General Manager, Ward – who possesses more than 20 years’ experience in leisure and fitness – has overseen a lengthy process for UFC GYM Nottingham to get to where it is now, ready for members.

As Ward himself puts it, until the foundations were properly established; with the right set of coaches, equipment and the gym complex itself, UFC GYM UK could not risk opening its doors and tarnishing its internationally renowned credibility. 

“It’s taken a long process.,” Ward told UFCGYM.co.uk as he began detailing the gym’s development. “The process has been to find the right coaches, the right people, the equipment, the building, to make sure everything is spot on. The brand itself is giving an uncompromising set of standards which is going to be surpassing any other gym and their processes for members and their development.

“I’m really pleased with the equipment we have on board, ecstatic about the brand being in the UK and the coaches which we’ve taken; and they’re hand-picked, 14 coaches which are the best in their fields, and which is going to stand out way above our competition.” 

The uncompromising set of standards which Martin outlines for UFC GYM UK; from the level of equipment to the aptitude of coaching, is utterly critical to the success of the franchise. This is where UFC GYM UK prides itself on its level of coaches, all of whom are accredited as UFC GYM Coaches, which breeds greater attentiveness to members and the care put into the personal development. 

Commenting on the perspective of competitor gyms, Ward stated: “It’s all about the bottom line, it’s all about the equipment, it’s all about what they have to offer but it’s not about the needs and benefits of the members and what they hope to achieve and that’s why I believe that a lot of people who use a gym seem to fall away very quickly, because once the money’s been taken they’re forgotten about, they become a number.” 

For other gyms in the fitness and leisure industry, coaches are often hired permitting they meet a minimum level of qualification, Ward recalls from his two-decade’s worth of experience. At UFC GYM UK and UFC GYM Nottingham, though, only the best of the best are chosen to represent the colours of the brand.

“You’ll find that in this industry, the saturation for personal trainers are just to get past a level 3 certification, they may be naïve or new to the business,” he continued. “For our coaches, they have had experience, they have understood the trials and tribulations of being a personal trainer. All of that is life development, all we are doing now is giving them the tools and the education to make sure they are able to develop that and perform at their very best.” 

As we previously wrote on UFCGYM.co.uk, all coaches selected for the UFC GYM Nottingham site were put through their paces, earning their position on the team after a number of thorough interviews and assessments. 

Subsequently, it’s this rigorous procedure which Ward champions as being the backbone of the gym’s future success, as promising trainers – often experienced in one discipline – are morphed into well-rounded and adaptable coaches capable of carrying out any of the classes on the UFC GYM Nottingham timetable.  

A coach’s development doesn’t just stop there, though. With the skills and techniques learned from UFC GYM Master Instructor, Rob McCullough, during their UFC GYM certification training, each and every coach under the banner is equipped to teach classes of any age, gender and skill level. 

“The fact that we have taken the time to handpick these individuals, this hasn’t been a small process, this is the case over months,” Ward explained regarding the selection of coaches. “The interviewing processes, the auditioning process, the skill set to know that you may be a black belt in your chosen discipline but that doesn’t mean that you are the coach to develop a six-year-old going forward in their journey.

“What we’re doing, it’s not just a community, it’s a family within the business. Our coaches are made for one thing and they know that focus is to make sure every member achieves their goal.”

A jam-packed schedule awaits members at UFC GYM Nottingham. View the timetable online at www.ufcgym.co.uk/nottingham


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