Tolly Plested with UFC GYM

As UFC GYM and CLASS UFC GYM prepares to launch across the United Kingdom, we are proud to introduce a brand-new blog series highlighting the tremendously skilled coaches that are involved with the UFC GYM UK project.

UFC GYM is proud to welcome a pioneer of British combat sports to the accredited coaching team.

Heading up the MMA and Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) programme at UFC GYM Nottingham, Tolly Plested brings his wealth of experience to the gym, as a former professional MMA athlete and 1st degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blackbelt. 

“It was an honour to be invited to coach BJJ & MMA at UFC GYM Nottingham,” Plested told UFCGYM.co.uk regarding his appointment. “Watching the first UFC event is what motivated me to start Brazilian jiu-jitsu in the first place, so it has come full circle for me.”

During his time as an active competitor between 2009 and 2013, Plested amassed an undefeated 9-0 record. His success in BJJ was equally as impressive – if not more – with Plested competing in some of Europe’s biggest events, winning a multitude of medals. 

Now, Plested commits his future to UFC GYM, the brand-new revolutionary fitness and training environment which is set to take the UK by storm.

“UFC GYM is the future of martial arts and fitness training,” Plested started. “No other gym can offer state-of-the-art training equipment, both functional and traditional methods, cardiovascular and alternative fitness classes that are first rate.

“Not to mention classes with some of the UK's top coaches in their chosen disciplines from boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, wrestling, BJJ and MMA.

“UFC GYM has just raised the bar in the martial arts and fitness industry.”

Recalling how he was selected for the role, Plested detailed the rigorous process utilised by UFC GYM UK in order to find the right coaches.

“We were selected from a large group and invited to a try-out where Nottingham’s very own UFC star, Dan Hardy, put us through our paces in different varieties of grappling and striking drills,” he began.

“We were then asked to coach in small groups before finally being assessed by coaching a full-sized class.”

Plested went on to detail the next stage of the process, where UFC GYM Coach hopefuls were put through training drills by an MMA legend!

He added: “The group was cut to 14 possible coaches and we were invited to UFC GYM Nottingham for a week’s intensive training for the UFC GYM certified training course held by Rob "Razor" McCullough.

“The training consisted of various drills, group discussions, practical and written tests and finally a physical fitness test.”

With a core team of high-level coaches and state-of-the-art training facility, the UFC GYM Nottingham experience is set to wow gym goers once it fully opens.

Spoilt for choice, even Plested struggled when asked to name his favourite piece of equipment.

“That's a tough one,” he answered with a smirk. “The gym is literally state-of-the-art and has everything a budding young up and coming athlete could want, but still offers something new for experienced high-level athletes. I would have to say, though, the centre piece Octagon is where your most likely find me on most days!”

Of course, training athlete’s with fighting ambitions is part of the UFC GYM infrastructure, but it certainly isn’t the exclusive goal. Designed as the ultimate training facility for everyone, regardless of age, gender or skill level, Plested offered some kind words to anyone who may be hesitant to join due to pre-conceived notions.

“I think being hesitant before starting anything new is normal but new students have a wealth of knowledge at their feet,” he said earnestly. “I remember my first Jiu-Jitsu class back in the day, I was very hesitant but all the classes here are designed with beginners in mind and the gym has everything a new student needs to take them to the next level and reach their goals.”

UFC GYM Nottingham offers a variety of different joining options, including Ultimate Membership or Fitness Membership with a fully refundable 14-day guarantee in order to help people make their decision.


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