D.U.T. at UFC GYM Nottingham

Improve your technique, strength and endurance. It’s the signature workout for UFC GYM members around the world, now the highly acclaimed Daily Ultimate Training (DUT) is set to take the U.K. by storm.

Daily Ultimate Training takes the UFC GYM ethos, ‘Train Different’, to a whole new level, giving members of all ages and skill levels the chance to challenge themselves through an efficient 50-minute dose of functional fitness.

With the first UFC GYM UK location in Nottingham now open, members have the opportunity to participate in the science-backed high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class.

UFC GYM certified coaches will put you through your paces, with each DUT workout burning between 355-500 calories on average. It may sound like a serious sweat buster, but DUT isn’t just about smashing out exercise after exercise. Our coaches take a duty of care in each and every individual, focusing on teaching safe technique and physiological function in order to improve overall strength and athletic ability.

That doesn’t mean that Daily Ultimate Training is only for advanced skill levels, though. Whether you’re looking for an enduring physical challenge or want to improve your overall stamina, agility and fitness, the DUT boasts the perfect combination of workout types to help you reach your goal.

Each Daily Ultimate Training class is entirely unique, incorporating exercises ranging from body weight workouts to circuit drills. Feel your blood pump on the battle ropes, your muscles tense as you jump the plyo boxes and the sweat bead down your face as you try to master the TRX suspension trainer.

From jump ropes to kettle bells, medicine balls and free weights, every DUT session will feel fresh, posing daily challenges to your fitness goals and driving you to become a better athlete and more functionally fit.

Likewise, with DUT classes scheduled in the morning and evening from Mon-Thurs at UFC GYM Nottingham, there’s no excuse not to try out one of the fitness world’s most revolutionary workouts programmes.

Register now to take on the Daily Ultimate Challenge at UFC GYM Nottingham https://ufcgym.co.uk/membership


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