Hannah Rankin

As UFC GYM and CLASS UFC GYM prepare to launch across the United Kingdom, we are proud to introduce a brand-new blog series highlighting the tremendously skilled coaches that are involved with the UFC GYM UK project.

A world boxing champion is coming to CLASS UFC GYM UK!

CLASS UFC GYM UK is proud to welcome new coach, IBO super-welterweight champion, Hannah Rankin.

Rankin, 29; who became Scotland's first female world champion earlier this year, will continue her career in the professional ranks; whilst she also teaches boxing and HIIT classes at CLASS UFC GYM Woking.

Speaking to, Hannah said: “The UK finally gets to experience the UFC’s high-quality gym brand that I have had the pleasure of experiencing during my training camps in America and I think they’re going to love it!”

Having spent some time at UFC GYM Long Island prior to her IBO world title fight, 10-fight pro Hannah’s North American experience helped her decision when the opportunity arose to work with CLASS UFC GYM UK.

“It was great to be selected as a coach for CLASS UFC GYM Woking,” Hannah said. “I love the ethos of the studio, there’s a great vibe and the quality of classes on offer is very high. Plus, we have a great team of highly qualified individuals and to be part of that is something special.”

From heart-pumping bag work to rapid-fire circuit training, the revolutionary combination of boxing and HIIT – which challenges members’ cardio ability and muscular fitness – makes for a great workout, as Rankin explains.

“Boxing is a perfect fit for the CLASS UFC GYM set up because in the current world we live in everyone has busy lives and when you come into a Boxing class you can completely immerse yourself in it and leave your troubles at the door. Boxing requires full use of your body and mind so it’s a great way to switch off and get a good a workout in.”

Unlike any other fitness programme currently on the market, CLASS UFC GYM is offering members of all skills-levels a unique exercise programme led by internationally accredited instructors.

With Rankin serving as the first high-profile addition to CLASS UFC GYM Woking, she details how the state-of-the-art gym environment has all the elements to take the boutique fitness market by storm.

She added: “CLASS UFC GYM Woking has a fantastic group of highly skilled professionals that have all been trained to an exacting standard, so the classes are all top quality.

“The customer service, gym facilities (including cryotherapy and NormaTec compression recovery) and general studio vibe is exciting and welcoming, and I feel these qualities make it stand out against other boutique studios in the current market.”

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